Open Letter To The Boy Who Never Cared.

A true saying, “Don’t make a girl fall for you, If you’ve no intention of catching her”.
Why making a girl, a friend, then a best friend and then taking her to a relationship journey, promising to marry or showing how much crazy you are, after her. Even though she wasn’t ready for all this in the first place but you made her believe that things will work out smoothly.
Wait, Why did you do this? What relief would you find in playing with her feelings?
Making a girl who’s hard to love, fall for you maniacally and then leaving her in the middle as nothing really happened. Making her realize that we have no future now, we can be best friends again, You’re not a shaadi material (marriage material) but you’ve got a big heart, let’s be friends again, we’ll see what fate has decided for us, you can find someone better than me but trust me you are the most sincere and loving girl I’ve ever came across, you’re the kind of girl,a guy dreams of!
She’s tired, really tired. Hearing this again and again. Getting her hopes high, daily. Being a second choice. A guy taking her to the cloud nine and then throwing her like nothing happened.
NO! NO! NOO!! You cannot do this to a girl after making her fall for you, who’s attached to you, living with you, living for you!
How can you make her cry when you were the one who taught her how to smile and believe in love.
FEAR GOD and decide in the first place only, that what you actually want! Is it really a true love or just an infatuation.
Because in the end it is only the girl who’s falling in and the guy who’s constantly falling out.


A Cup Of Karachi


A large chunk of the population that was once restricted to coffee houses only, has now diverted to Chai Dhaba’s. Most of them are the families who were reluctant to sit at the local dhabas. The trend of tea joints or such chai dhabas in Karachi has attracted the people of income group too.

A good cup of tea is sometimes all you need after a long tiring day at work with friends at home. Because a cup of tea can change your mood and boost your energy just with a sip.

With the inception of the trend of upscale chai dhabas in Karachi, it is now easier to enjoy your cup of tea along with hot and crispy parathas in open air. The cold breeze of Karachi in contrast of hot tea makes a dazzling combination. These tea joints have taken the most loved combination of chai and parathas to the next level. Besides, these comfy little joints make sure nothing comes between you and your favourite cup of chai. These chai dhabas are perhaps one of the best places in Karachi to relax these days, that too by spending very less amount of money.

Some of the best chai dhabas which are creating a great hype among youngsters as well as the oldies are:

Chai Wala – Piyo Magar Pyar say:

With comfortable outdoor seating and truck art inspired theme, this dhaba is located in Bukhari Commercial. Unlike most chai dhabas, which are usually dominated by the male segment of the population, the demographics of this place consist mostly of families. Their must haves are Black Artic fire tea, karak chai, doodh patti and nutella parathas. I loved the chicken cheese paratha with red chatni. The cheese perfectly melted and the spicy chicken filling giving just the right taste. I absolutely enjoyed my paratha-experience with the best ever doodh patti.

Quetta Alamgir Hotel:

Quetta Alamgir Hotel is famous for its lachhay daar parathay with omelette and Chai. Crunchy outside and soft inside, these paratha’s are made with white flour and are tava- fried (griddle-fried). The hot layered paratha tastes absolutely divine with their signature doodh patti. The service is really slow because the place is always full and there are long queue for takeaways but it is worth waiting for.

Chai Shai- Ho Mann Jahan, Chai Shai wahan:

Chai Shai is a trendsetter for modern tea corners in Karachi. A Lollywood themed open air café that attracts many visitors. It’s the perfect place for relaxation especially in the exhausting Summer nights. Their pizza paratha is quite a speciality.

Lollywood Cafe:

It’s yet another Lollywood themed café. The cozy little place located in Bukhari Commercial in Defence serves a wide variety of chai, parathas, and even BBQ items and fast food which are finger licking good. Their disco paratha and Nutella chai are must haves.

Gullu Butt Café – Fancy a cup of azaadi chai?

Gullu Butt café has given a modern plus desi touch to the chai culture.This is the perfect place to hang out with friends and chat over delicious aromatic food and a hearty cup of chai. With witty names on the menu including Inqillabi parathas, azaadi chai, Shehbaz Sharif Special and Nawaz Sharif Special Special,  one cannot doubt why the place is always crowded. After all, who wouldn’t want a cup of azaadi chai?

Chotu Chaiwala: Chai it, you might like it:

A small cozy place, where sipping from a cup of  freshly brewed tea you see things through rose-coloured glasses. The soothing warm drink can culminate bad day or make it easier to ingest a doughy Chicken Cheese Paratha. That’s the effect Chotu Chaiwala’s Elaichi Chai has on you; its thin, light texture, delicate infusion of cardamom and hint of sweetness leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling that momentarily drowns out  distress, if any.

Despite tea becoming relatively ‘glamorized’, it is still cheaper than coffee houses. Most coffee houses in Pakistan are big names and franchises of renowned brands. Therefore, while tea is now slightly more expensive than before, chai joints are still a better option because they are relatively pocket friendly. Let’s hope they come up with such ventures every so often, keeping our culture and heritage alive.